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All Your Mold and Die Repair Needs Handled

No matter what the alloy, how small or intricate of a weld needed, we can handle all your mold & die repair needs.

Repairs You Can Trust: Die, Mold and Welding

Mold & Die Repair
Mold & Die Repair

Die, Mold and Critical Wear Repair for Manufacturers

Today, companies in the industrial, automobile, aerospace, healthcare and agriculture industries have prioritized budgets differently.

Innovative companies have partnered with trusted welders like the talent at Perry Welding and Machine to ensure they can have their mold and die repairs managed in optimal time frames.

Mold and Die Repair and So Much More!

Unexpected Die and Mold repair or proactive maintenance repairs are not enjoyable events but Perry Welding and Machine has your every need covered.

CNC Machining

Ensure all your needs are met when you work with Perry Welding and Machine:

Mold and Die Repairs That Prioritize Quality

From battery grid to plastic injection and so much more, we cover the acute damage to ensure downtime is minimal. And when it comes to your predictive maintenance schedule, our team can cover your refurbishment and critical wear elements on a predetermined schedule.

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No matter what the alloy, how small or intricate of a weld, we can handle all your mold and die repair needs at Perry Welding and Machine.